20 fine Signs He Wants to Marry You and Spend His Life With You

Here are 20 signs if he wants to marry you and commit to you for good.

 Do you think your man’s ready to be with you forever? Here are 20 signs if he wants to marry you and commit to you for good.

You’ve been dating a guy for a while now. He seems great, and everything about the relationship seems perfect. But is it progressing forward, or have you both reached a comfortable spot and don’t plan on changing anything? Is he happy just staying how it is? Sometimes, you need to keep an eye on the signs he wants to marry you if you’re secretly expecting more from the relationship.

Is he interested in getting married… eventually?

When you’ve been dating a guy for a long time, it’s very easy to just let things stay the same. He’s happy, you seem happy, so why fix something that isn’t broken, right? Or at least that’s what your guy could be thinking!

While marriage is literally nothing more than a way to legalize your relationship as per the laws of the state, it’s one of the ways the world we live in defines a “real” relationship.

If you’re serious about each other, and intend to stay committed, you marry. Or that’s what we’ve grown up believing. After all, if your man does love you and does intend to stay with you till the end of time, why not put a ring on it, right?

While most men see marriage as the next step of a healthy relationship AND proof of commitment, not all men think this way.

Is he just toying with you for now?

Some men just enjoy living in the now. Why mess with something that’s perfect as it is? Why add more pressure on the relationship?

Or worse, what if he’s content now, but doesn’t actually see you as marriage material? *gasp!*

Will he turn out to be one of those guys who claim they’re not ready for marriage only to break up with you a year from now, and go down on one knee with the very next girl he dates? What if you’re only a foster girlfriend who’s being used by a guy because he’s too lazy to look for the one?

Yap, as irrational as all of these thoughts may seem, it’s only human to consider it. But just because he hasn’t popped the question yet, doesn’t mean he isn’t serious about you or totally in love with you. Maybe he’s immature, maybe he’s afraid of commitment, or maybe he does truly love you, and has every intention of marrying you when he’s got his “ducks in a row.”

20 very obvious signs he wants to marry you even if he hasn’t said it out loud

If you’re getting older and you’re wondering if your man is ever going to pop the question, here are some tell-tale signs he wants to marry you, and that he’s getting close to asking *so you should stick around*.

1. He uses the word “we” rather than “I”

This is a funny one. Subconsciously, guys know from very early on in a relationship whether they’re in it for the long haul or not. Even if they don’t realize it, the way they speak about their future plans can reveal how they think you and him are going to work out.

If he uses the word ‘we’ when describing plans and actions, he knows that you’ll be there and recognizes your importance in his life. If he consistently uses the word ‘I’, you’re just an add-on.

2. He still believes in marriage

A lot of people *especially men* have lost faith in marriage due to rising divorce and separation rates. It is important to have casual conversations with your man to find out if he still believes in marriage and the institution of it.

If not, this is a major red flag.

3. He doesn’t react negatively when he sees posts about weddings

If you’re trying to find signs he wants to marry you, look no further than his reaction to social media posts about marriage and weddings. They’re everywhere!

If these make him smile or he talks about how he envisions his own big day, you’re on the right track.


On the other hand, if he rolls his eyes at them or tells you he thinks the whole idea of marriage is silly, believe him instead of hoping he’d change his opinion… someday!

4. He’s comfortable around you

If your man feels no need to dress up all the time, if he acts relaxed and normal around you, and he doesn’t feel the need to put up a front with you; you’re definitely on the right track. See if your man feels like he can be himself around you; if so, this is one of the tell-tale signs he wants to marry you.

That doesn’t mean he’s “letting himself go.” It just means that whenever he’s around you, he feels like he’s home and there’s no need to put on a mask or a fake act. And it’s not just about the way he presents himself, he’s also able to show you a side of himself that very few people are able to see.

5. His family starts to treat you like family

He takes you with him whenever he’s meeting his family members. You’re already on a first name basis with most of his relatives, and they know more about you than just your first name.

Meeting the parents and getting to know the family is just the first step. But now that you’re already a permanent fixture by his side during family functions, soon enough you just might become a member of the family.

6. You’re a part of his plans for the future

Lots of couples talk about the future. But not all couples involve each other in their future plans. Most men would probably list down what car they’d want to be driving, how much money they’d want to make or how many places he’d like to have visited by then.

When he gets asked about what he sees himself doing in ten years, your name pops up.

He might say that he’d like to be a top executive by then. He’d be driving his sports car to and from work. And when he gets home, he’ll be greeted by his kids, and their gorgeous mother *you!*. Aside from that being the sweetest thing he might say, it’s also a clue that tells you that it’s you he wants to spend his life with.

7. You talk about the kids you’ll be having

Talking about kids is a big deal for most men. Not all of them are looking forward to revamping their home entertainment room for a playroom for the kids. But if your guy is very open about it and he actually takes in your input regarding kids, then that’s good news!

Kids are a big part of life and the future for most couples, so talking about it is a positive, and one of the biggest signs he wants to marry you.

8. He shares and talks about everything with you

Whatever he’s thinking, whatever’s bothering him, you’d be the first person to know. You’re always a major factor in his decision making process, and your input bears a lot of weight. But other than this, he may be sharing other more tangible things with you.

For instance, you might already have a joint bank account where both of you plan your finances. You might already be sharing a home or at least considering it as a possibility in the near future. Marriage has a lot to do about sharing, and when your guy already shows the initiative that he wants to share with you, then marriage may not be that far behind.

9. He asks about wedding and engagement-related things

This is pretty much a no-brainer. He’s starting to ask you things like where your dream wedding is, who you’d like to invite and what you want to dance to on your wedding day.

If you’re completely dense, you might think he’s just asking you to tell him about the wedding of your dreams. But when he starts snooping around your jewelry box to find out what size ring you’re wearing, it’s pretty much a certainty!

10. He flirts with you, constantly

A good relationship involves constant love and affection. ‘Never stop flirting with your partner!’, you’ll hear from marriage counselors and old couples you speak to over the years. If he constantly flirts with you, he’s looking at you long-term.

11. A lot of his friends are already married or engaged

This is one of the biggest signs he wants to marry you. Most guys don’t want to take the plunge first, so a great sign that he might be ready for marriage is if a lot of his friends or the people around him are already getting married or engaged.

Who knows, he might just follow the trend.

12. He’s always on time for you

This might not seem as important as all the other ones, but trust us, it is. If he’s always on time to meet you, if he prioritizes seeing you and is never late to date night; you are a priority to him.

You mean so much to him, that he is always making sure that time with you comes first. He values you.

13. Does he miss you?

One of the biggest signs he wants to marry you is if he misses you even after the two of you have been together for a while.

If you are just an add-on to his already perfect life, he won’t miss you that much when he’s not with you. However, if you’ve become an integral part of his life, he will miss you when you’re not there.

14. He only has eyes for you

Everyone has a little bit of the wandering eye every now and then; and it’s perfectly okay to appreciate beauty around you.

However, does he have eyes for only you? When you walk into a room, does your man’s attention go to you straight away? If so, you might be the one for him.

15. He starts making the big commitments

Think about the things that tie two people together. Buying a house, having a child, opening a joint bank account, connecting your car insurance.

If you man starts to make the big commitments like this, it might be a sign that he’s getting close to taking the plunge with you.

16. He likes to stay in with you, even if it means skipping out on plans

This is love, isn’t it? Does your man like to stay in with you on a Friday night, even if his boys are out having fun without him? Do the two of you sometimes cancel plans just to stay in and spend time with each other?


This means that the both of you love each other’s company. This is crucial for marriage, and a great sign for upcoming nuptials.

17. He asks your opinion and values it

Does your man ask for your input when it comes to decisions?

Whether it’s work, clothing choices, or problems he’s having; it’s an important step for your man to ask for your input and value the response he gets.

18. He’s there for you emotionally

When you cry, does he hold you? Or does he back away and not really take much notice? This is a show of compassion and love, and you’re going to need a lot of both if you get married! If he truly cares for you enough to want to marry you, he should love you enough to be there for you emotionally too.

It’s a two in one, and this is one of the clear signs he wants to marry you.

19. “If” changes to “when”

If your man is saying ‘if’ when he talks about your future, you’re with the wrong man. Trust us! If you are in a long term relationship and he’s not using the word ‘when’, when talking about your future; it is most likely that you need a new man.

When if changes to when, he’s getting ready for your future together.

20. He’s open about his love for you

A wedding is about expressing your love for each other publicly. And if your man doesn’t do that already in the day to day, he won’t want to do it on a grand scale and in a tux.

One of the biggest signs he wants to marry you is if he is constantly expressing his love for you in both public and private environments.

It’s not easy to know if your guy wants to get marry you, or sees you as his partner for life, without really asking him about it. But if you see quite a few of these signs, you can rest assured that he already sees you as his soulmate, and it is just a matter of time until he pops the question!


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