Sir Alex Ferguson opens up about Cristiano Ronaldo after Juventus dumped out of Champions League

 Sir Alex Ferguson :

"I think He agreed the most painful and burdening contract with Juventus.  
They signed him to win the Champions League, despite him being on top form, but he is not that young, they should have brought him in a bit earlier in my point of view. Of course they are right, to say the deal between them and Cristiano was for Champions League glory, because they had no problems of winning the League.  
I must say am very proud of Cristiano Ronaldo for giving it a try and not shy away from this challenging contract. Now it's up to him if he decides to give it a try again, it's his body and it's only him who knows if he can be able to fulfill that contract.  
He is a man with big heart, but now he will have to sit down and listen to his head than his heart. He has done well more than anyone in his career, but I will have to admit also Messi has equally done well as Cristiano. And it looks like both they won't be in the quarter finals "



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