Biography and Profile of Bruce Lee

 | Who doesn't know the most famous kung fu legend in the world named Bruce Lee?

Bruce Lee was indeed the top of his day and remains an inspiration to this day.Many people are looking for his life story because Bruce Lee died at the young age of 32 years.
The man whose real name is Lǐ Zhènfán who was born November 27, 1940 was the most famous kung fu film player. of his time.

Bruce Lee Biography
  • Birth Name: Lee Jun Fan
  • Ancestors of Shunde, Guangdong, China
  • Origin Hong Kong
  • Born November 27, 1940
  • Died 20 July 1973 (age 32)
  • Grave: Lakeview
  • Active Years: 1941–1973
  • Spouse Linda Emery (born 1945) (1964-1973)
  • Children: Brandon Lee (1965–1993), Shannon Lee (born 1969)
  • Parents: Lee Hoi-chuen (1901-1965), Grace Ho


  • 1966  The Green Hornet
  • 1969  Marlowe
  • 1970  Longstreet
  • 1973  Enter the Dragon
  • 1978  Game of Death
  • 1981  Tower of Death

When he was 6 years old. Lile Bruce has acted for the first time in a film called "A Beginning Of A Boy".This so of thing is not surprising since his father Lee Hoi Chun is a film actor.

Complete Biography of Bruce Lee Bruce is a fragile child as well as he is a child who has difficulty eating.Until when he got into a street-style fight he suffered a defeat. At that time he was 14 years old .. After discussing with his mother, he decided to study martial arts.

The type of martial arts he is pursuing is Wing Chun, he is studying with Sifu Yip Man. He also studied martial arts master Siu Hon Sung.Generally it takes three weeks to master 30 styles of Siu Hon Sung, Bruce Lee only takes three nights.In addition, Bruce Lee also obtained fencing skills from his father.There is one unique thing, Bruce Lee is not just good at martial arts. In fact he is good at dancing chacha too in th. 1958 he successfully reached the Hong Kong Cha-Cha Championship trophy.

Bruce Lee and Education

Colleague, Ruby Chow, who owned a restaurant. Bruce also worked at the restaurant. After completing high school,Bruce was still active in building his physique.For him it is not enough to be a good martial arts expert,he must be the best.

Bruce then took the decision to continue studying in Seattle and majored in philosophy.On campus, he met a fellow Asian named Taki Kimura Kimura, who had experienced a series of racist attacks. Out of compassion, Bruce motivated Kimura to increase his self-esteem by training him in the martial arts. This was the origin of the kung fu martial arts school and after a while the school was also established.This school is open to the public or to anyone who wishes. In stark contrast to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, kung fu is secret knowledge that cannot be taught to people carelessly. Only respectable people can learn kung fu.

Bruce Lee's death

Many controversial stories that accompany the death of Bruce Lee at a very young age.Some of them are news that he was killed.However,official reports say that Bruce Lee's death was the result of swelling of the brain due to excess fluid, which is known as Cerebral Edema.


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