Rayvanny(@Rayvanny) adopted the stage name as “Chui'

Nop, we don’t mean a physical transformation from a human to an animal.The “Vumbi” hit maker has adopted the stage name as  “Chui,” which translates to “Leopard” from the Swahili.

The official transformation was made a day ago,when the Rayvanny changed his Instagram name to Chui and shared a photo of a leopard and a lion in a forest. The lion (“Simba” in Swahili) is Diamond Platnumz and the leopard is you-know-who.

The symbolic image elicited laughter from many, including Diamond Platnumz, who apparently understood Rayvanny’s point.

He is one of the outstanding musicians in Tanzanian music with a robust following,home and abroad. In fact, if a list were to be drawn of the top 10 musicians in Tanzania in 2019, he would make the list.

In 2019 he had thrilled fans to several hit singles, including “Girlfriend” (Ft. Rowlene), “Gimi Dat,” “Chuchumaa,” “I Love You” and “Naogopa.” He’s currently working on an album titled “Flowers.”

I think adopting Chui as his new stage name is just an attempt to redefine himself and his music. And given his sterling contributions to East African music, one really cannot begrudge him his adopted stage name.

Or what do you think?


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