Harmonize(@harmonize_tz) announces to Release AfroEast Album

Tanzanian singer and dancer Harmonize has announced plans to release a new album titled “AfroEast.”

The songster,whose birth name is Rajabu Abdul Kahali,is right now in Lagos,Nigeria.Harmonize made the announcement Seven hours ago today 6 January 2020 via his verified Instagram handle (@harmonize_tz).

2020 began on a grand note for the former WCB Wasafi artiste,who now calls the shots at Konde Music Worldwide(a record label),with the premiere of a hit single titled “Hainistui.”

Now the musician is keen to make ambitious leaps and has announced the imminence of “AfroEast” album.
The upcoming body of work, according to him, will feature all his friends. This promises to be explosive, for he is friends to some of the finest artistes in Africa.

He wrote: “🤯🤯 I’m bringing all my friend in (1) 📖
Trust me this is 🚀🚀 #AfroEastAlbum I’m Ready 2020 🎊🎉🎊🎉🧨✨🎈 🚶‍♂️“

This leads us to a critical question: Will WCB Wasafi artistes feature in “AfroEast” album?

It was rumoured last year that Diamond Platnumz (managing director of WCB Wasafi) wasn’t okay with Harmonize’s exit from the record label, and there were even talks of minor conflict between them.

Well, keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground. “AfroEast” album should be out presently.

A lot will be made clear then.


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