Zari sends an alert: ‘If you don’t ever hear from me next year…’ | No need for a degree to read this..

Zari Hassan has opened up her life on social media. From family to business to friends and parties.

We may think we have seen it all but as we wait to usher in a new year,she decided to open up a space we do not know about her kind heart.

One lesson she's going with to 2020 is that she is done being good to people who do not reciprocate the same.

Zari says she is that friend you can always depend on.
Let me tell you something you don’t know about me off social media. I’m that friend everyone can always run to, financially, emotionally, shoulder to cry on you name it. I am always here for my people. Zari started her rant

With that said, she has decided to make 2020 all about her.

But damn, that shit of playing mother Teresa is so done. They all can run to me but when I need them, I can never see any, and I mean any of them. So, 2020 is all about me. It’s not being selfish, nah! It’s doing what’s best for me Zari, my soul and my well being. I realized I need to protect my soul 1st.
I can’t keep breaking my back and sharing bread with people that ain’t helping mix the dough.
If you don’t ever hear from me next year, well take it I served you a back rose discreetly (listen to black roses by Trey Songz). Whether its family, friends, business associates you name it. I’m done!!!
Will take all that energy to my charity work, they need me more than parasites. All you do is suck blood outta me, how y’all expect me to keep functioning if you aint reaching out to a sister
My mom passed, my dad (story of another day) yet I still need to be both mom and dad to my kids and run 2 of the biggest educational institutions in South Africa, take care of my family back home least I forget my personal and social life (since I don’t have a private life)… damn!!!!
When I’m out here taking care of everyone and their needs, the million-dollar question remains, WHO takes care of me? (don’t bring my man into this)

Ya, that’s my point… y’all think she good, she got it together. I’m human and I break down too. Told Bae yesterday sometimes I just need a hello, how r ya, how’s the kids kinda texts or a random card or flowers, a box of chocolates etc from my ‘so-called people’. The simple things in life.

In that post, it is clear Zari has been taken for granted for way too long. The end is now. As we prepare for a new year she asked her fans what they are leaving behind in 2019 and to read the comments, visit her Instagram page. 2020 seems like a year of revolution for many.


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