Biggest Bongo celebrity scandals happened in 2019. Wema Sepetu,Meninah and others listed.. | Trading


Number one as usual went to Bongo Movies star, Wema Isaac Sepetu came in 2019 carrying his acting career from 2018. It is the leak of her dirty pictures and videos with a relative who introduced him to 'future husband', Patrick Christopher 'PCK'.

Wema found herself struggling with the case at Hakimu Mkazi Kisutu's Court in Dar. The case prompted Wema to sleep in a prison in a Segerian Prison in dar for two weeks. The deal came to an end after Wema pay a fine of two million shillings.


Video vixen, Amber Ruty was not back on this list. Amber Ruty 'trended' after her video be shared and said it was alcohol that caused her all.

It should be noted that Amber Ruty already had a case in court following a leak of her videos showing her inhuman interference with her boyfriend, Saidi Mtopali.

However, this year was not over as she was recently divorced.


Number three went to Sister Fay who leaked her video from the bathroom so called to the National Arts Council (Basata) to express herself where she was given a stern warning and promised to change.


Fashion model Sanchi has also not been safe as it leaked a video allegedly of  her naked and vicious form. In the case, Sanchi emerged and denied that the video was not her own and Basata denied that she was not a registered artist in the council.


Number five went to artist Meninah whose video leaked to the internet as people shared on WhatsApp groups.

The action involved the actor Mwijaku who was allegedly the one who brought it up. However, Meninah was called by Basata and then forced to apologize as the investigation continued.


Another entrant on the list is Ebitoke comedian who was the girlfriend of the actor, Yusuf Mlela.

Ebitoke attacked Mlela in a hotel and assaulted her for allegedly betraying her and going to another woman named Stella or Beyonce.


Aside from the alleged allegation, there was a naked video that caused agitation in the street where everyone was asking for a 'conection', .Another attempt was to give jounalists money by throwing.

That is not enough,she claimed to be married to a man from Arusha, but at the end of the day she ended up by launching her own television show that is still now unknown.


The artist found herself in trouble after a video of a song featured by a Kenyan artist showing her being touched in sensitive parts of her body.

She called by Basata where she was given a severe warning, a fine of two million shillings and apologizing. The video was later removed from the YouTube Network.


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