“Wakikutongoza Wablock tu” Rayvanny Pleads With His Baby Mama Fahyma Not to Cheat on Him

Rayvanny is afraid that internet lovey doveys might steal his baby mama from him. The Tanzanian singer is imploring Fahyma to remain faithful to him.

Rayvanny and Fahyma have had their ups and downs for the years they have dated. At one point they even took a break from their relationship.

The two lovebirds are blessed with a cute baby boy Jaydan Vanny. Fahyma and Rayvanny welcomed their son on 16th April 2017.

Rayvanny recently opened up about his plan to marry Fahyma. The two are not officially married even though they have been cohabiting.

The singer however wants his baby mama to remain loyal to him. He begged her to steer clear of men on social media who hit on her.

“Itaniuma sana siku Pumbavu wakiniibia…..Mama jilinde ukipewa hi tu wewe Buloooock……..maana wanaanziaga mahali,” wrote Rayvanny.


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