Gorgoeus! Meet the lady in Ben Pol’s life before Anerlisa stole his heart

Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol have been in a relationship for quite some time.

Kenyans are upset about the whole situation because the Tanzanian celebrities have come in to take their babes and Alex Mwakideu addressed the issue seeking his fellow Kenyan men to act fast.

Mid last year, the singer and songwriter, Ben Pol was head over heels in love with a Tanzanian comedian by the name Ebitoke. The two broke the news of their dating on social media when the comedian wrote that:

i have seen it is wise i put all jokes aside today and talk about something serious. i know many have not seen me post the love of my life and today i thought it was best i put it out there. for a long time, i have hidden my feelings to this woman because i was afraid of telling her the truth but today i have decided to say the truth

i lover her so much and i want her to be the love of my life. i don’t know if she has a lover or not but i send my apologize first if i have offended her by letting her know of my feelings on social media. i feel i can not do this face to face and so those around her please let her know of my feelings. i am ready to marry her and i know many will abuse or mock me saying i am not worthy of her love

please send the message to her and tell her i love her

Weeks after the post, the two were seen in public together, holding hands in events and doing the things that lovers do like sneaking in a kiss.

They later went for a couple’s photo shoot that trended but after months, they stopped posting each other. We then saw Pol with Anerlisa showing off their love in public.

So in between all that, we do not know what happened to Ben Pol and Ebitoke. I know you really want to meet her so here you go:

Clearly, Ben Pol makes a cute couple with anyone.


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