Diamond Platnumz Claims That It’s Women Who Seduce Him.

Tanzanian singer and East African Lover Bird Chibu Dangote, commonly known as Diamond Platnumz claims that it’s not his fault that women throw themselves to him and he takes their offers back but it’s not him who makes the moves.

 According to a Tanzanian Newspaper, Diamond was on an interview at Kiss FM Rwanda when he gave the oldest response in the book “they came onto me” as he says before he was famous women ignored him unlike now and he finds it hard to say no.

 “Ever since i seduced Zari I have never gone after another woman,” he claimed.

 Speaking to Kiss FM Rwanda, the budding musician pointed out that the last time he hit on a woman was in 2014. This is contrary to his actions as he sired a love child with Hamisa Mobetto.

 “Before I became famous women always said no to me but after that I have never heard a woman reject me,” he narrated.


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