20 Percent is back,again!

Music Producer,John Shariza aka 'Mann Water' (below left) signing in the contract documents label of 'KOMBINENGA' formalize the management of the work of artist Abbas Hamis Kinzasa a.k.a '20 Percent'.lawyer scholar,Iddi M. Gogo's Alpha Attorney(top right) achieved the exercise,as well as the Production Manager of Combination Sounds,ROWEL Moses(top left)on the Combination Sounds Kinondoni in Dar es Salaam. 

After signing the document of agreement formalizing KOMBINENGA label management.

20 Percent signing on the contract documents of KOMBINENGA label.

20 Percent shaking hands with producer Mann Water after letting signed an agreement to work together under the KOMBINENGA label.

 King of Afro Pop in Tanzania  Abbas Hamis Kinzasa '20 Percent',has broken the silence and turn for the dramatic atmosphere of the music,while is the first artist to sign a contract with a new KOMBINENGA label leading by producer John Shariza a.k.a Mann Water.

 20 Percent,who in 2011 took seven awards of Kilimanjaro Music Awards (KTMA) at once,while  Mann Water was drowns twice awards of  the best producer of the year(2013 and 2014).20 recorded five hits and expects to relinquish one new hit first on July 18,2016,in preparation for his album 'SAUTI YA GHARAMA'.
“Nimerudi kuwachinja tena” said 20 Percent.


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